Web design in the last 9 years

Web design has for some people reached its peaked in terms of the boundaries that it has broken. Numerous designs have come up in the last few years and to this day, new and innovative designs are continually being created to great effect. This article will detail the years between 2010 to present day 2019 and the introduction of new software and designs that help to continue to push the boundaries of designing website. This article will also briefly discuss sites especially in the Web Design Malaysia environment that became popular during this time as a result of the trends that have popped up:~

  1. 2010 saw the rise of Facebook which began its creation in 2008. Unlike MySpace, Facebook had a much cleaner and tidier design which was much more appealing to users and the design to be continuously simplified thay even older users or users who are initially unfamiliar with the social media platform. Social Media would continue to increase in popularity as various other platforms look to capitalise on mobile devices and looking to apps to help with the web design aspect which also influenced the desktop web design.
  2. During this time many of the web designers began to look back at past designs as well as various forms of media and decided bring them back with style. Parallax scrolling allows a 3 dimensional look for a commonly 2 dimensional  website. Meanwhile flavor texts have been more commonly placed as a flat text to give a minimalist and professional feel while also looking more popular.
  3. In the last few years, new software have been created to make the creation of websites even more simple. Software like WordPress would traditionally have a separate menu wherein you create your presets and then preview them on a separate window. However, there are now plugins on WordPress that allows you to edit them in real time and drag elements directly on the page giving an immediate visual feedback in how you stylist your website.